Ultimo Productions

Introductory Videos

“Before the recording”


How to prepare and what to expect (Episode 1)

This video presents an overview for the recording artist with no or little prior experience how to go about a recording session and what to consider planning for it.


Venue Selection (Episode 2)

A suitable venue is the preferred ambience for classical music recordings as it provides a sense of “it could be a performance instead of a session”. But what is conducive and appropriate for the repertoire and instrumentation?


The Role of the Producer (Episode 3)

Andreas Klein explains the role of an Audio Producer and all the responsibilities during a professional audio production of classical music.


The Role of Engineer (Episode 4)

The Recording Engineer in a classical music production has to work with and for the artists and producer to provide excellent sound quality and reliability of all technical aspects. Andreas Klein discusses the topic of classical music audio production from a “behind the scene” aspect.


Introductory Videos



The Chances and Caveats (Episode 5)

Producer Andreas Klein talks about the artistic endeavor of editing and assembling classical music recordings into a coherent, musical master for duplication.


Introductory Videos

“Behind the Scene”


Microphones: A musical Tool (Episode 6)

Microphones, the first part of the signal chain, are the most important equipment to determine the sound quality and color of a recording. Their choice of placement in front of the performers give an aural picture of the venue and its character as well.